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"ET" has made a variety of appearances, giving folks a chance to see an electric vehicle up close and in person. In addition to 'show & tell' duties for local elementary, middle, and high school classes, it has been on display at several festivals around Massachusetts:

Junior Solar Sprint Area Races
May 19, 2001

Wake Up The Earth Festival
May 5, 2001

Arts In The Park
September 17, 2000

NOFA Annual Conference
August 2000

Yes, if you follow the links and look through the photo albums, you will find ET at each event. Of course where ET goes, I go too and in between the other events of the day, I always end up answering a good number of questions from people who want to learn more. If a picture is worth a thousand words, having the full-size version to touch has got be worth a good bit more!

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