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Over the years a variety of electric tractors have been made, and somenew models are now on the market. The extra weight of batteries and low-end torqueof electric motors are great features for a tractor -- small electric tractors are known to beat larger gas tractors in tractor pulls!

Electric tractors for towing and for lawn care are fairly easy to come by. Electric tractors for agricultural applications are less common but can also be found.My 2005 article "EVs Can Bring RE to the Field" written for The Natural Farmer focused on small farm use of electric- and renewable- energy tractors, including details of an electric "G" conversion. An earlier electric tractor article from 2003 provides a review of available options.

Some examples of different electric tractors are listed below:

GE Elec-Trak
  • Produced in the USA in the 1960's-1970's (later units under New Idea and Wheelhorse names)
  • Can be found used, most often with mowing deck or snow thrower
  • Larger models can tow carts, spreaders, etc and many sleeve-hitch implements
  • Huge array of accessories available, such as plow blades, tillers, hedge trimmers, and chain saws
  • A dedicated e-mail list and a separate Owners club keep owners in touch with one another
  • Parts are available from several sources including The Electric Tractor Store
  • Elec-Trak

    E-Plex II greens mower
  • In production under Jacobsen and Ransoms brands, cost ~$16,000 USD ($8,500 USD used on eBay)
  • Pollution-free operation, with no hydraulic fluid
  • Range of 15 to 20 greens, depending on the terrain
  • E-Plex II

    The Electric Ox
  • In production, made in Canada, cost ~ $8,000 USD
  • Basic version for towing carts, spreaders, etc.
  • Multi-purpose version takes mowing deck or plow blade for grounds upkeep
  • With hitch modifications could probably pull some ag implements
  • One of the few private owners posted his review of the Electric Ox
  • Electric Ox

    The Gorilla EV
  • In production, made in USA, cost ~ $5000 USD
  • Cross between an ATV, golf cart, and NEV
  • Carries people, can tow carts, spreaders, etc.
  • With hitch modifications could probably pull some ag implements
  • Gorilla EV

    Asparagus Harvester
  • In production, made in Italy, cost ~ $5,000 USD
  • Specifically designed for harvesting asparagus crops
  • Total cost of ownership much lower than IC powered harvester
  • Driver sits close to ground for planting, picking, etc.
  • Asparagus Harvester

    The Sun Horse
  • In start-up production, made in USA, cost $2,300 - $4,700 USD
  • Envisioned as a walk-behind tractor for large garden or small CSA
  • Recharges from built-in solar panel over period of time
  • Goal is to plow, seed and cultivate with a variety of attachments being developed
  • Video available that shows what it can do so far and its present limitations
  • Sun Horse

    Custom Conversions
  • John Howe's LowBoy Cub conversion [scroll to end of page when it opens] used as a research tool on his farm in Maine for his book "The End of Fossil Energy and the Last Chance for Sustainability", in which he argues low-speed electric vehicles recharged from solar will play a very important role in the years ahead
  • Ron Khosla's Allis-Chalmers "G" conversion used on his CSA-based farm in New York State
  • Steve Heckeroth's Yanmar tractor conversion is a front loader
  • Various other riding mowers and smaller tractors converted to electric can beviewed in the EV Album
  • EV Resources are available to helpyou get started with your own conversion
  • Converted Cadet Tractor

    Converted -G- Tractor

    Converted Yanmar Tractor

    Zero Mow
  • Zero-turn electric mower, 42" 48" or 60" cutting widths, 3+ acres per charge
  • Prototype developed by Lawless Industries, Inc.
  • Shown in 2005 at a major lawn and garden industry trade show in Louisville, KY
  • As of January 2007 was rumored to be going into production under a different name... we can only hope this to be true!
  • Zero Mow prototype

    John Deere
  • Introduced small riding lawn mowers, the model 90 in 1970 and the model 96 in 1975. Both are still occasionally available used for several hundred dollars.
  • An electric version of their utility tractor, the E-Gator with a 500 pound payload capacity has been in production (current status unclesar from their website)
  • 2003 news reports of larger electric tractors and hybrid gasoline-electric zero-turning-radius lawn tractors in development have yet to yeild any new products
  • John Deere Electric 90

    John Deere E-Gator

    Solar Tractor
  • Prototype only, predicted cost $15,000 - $25,000 USD
  • No production is planned
  • Designed as a multi-purpose farm tractor
  • Solar panel canopy helps recharge batteries while providing shade
  • Solar Tractor

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