I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who helped turn this project into a reality. The electric bicycle simply would not exist without the expertise and generosity of Larry McMaster, Dennis DuPuis, and Bill Page at the Tufts Science and Technology Center Machine Shop.

Entering the electric bicycle in 1992 American Tour de Sol was only possible with the assistance of many people. I am particularly indebted to my "race crew" of Nils Huebner (A'94), Angie Dodd (J'94), David "Zimm" Sherman (E'93), and Chris Thurott (E'93). My thanks also to the Flamig Farm in Connecticut and Claire Sylvestre for providing us with lodging during the race, to the Tufts Mountain Club and Tufts Environmental Consciousness Outreach for supporting this effort, and to all the bystanders who cheered us on.

I greatly value the various contributions of Tyler at Ace Wheel Works, Doug at Belmont Wheel Works, Paul McCormick and the Electrical Engineering Department, Mike Maines (E'95), Kathy MacDonald (J'91), and many, many enthusiastic fellow students. A special thanks goes to my father for his assistance in the mathematical analysis (much of which goes beyond the scope of this document).

I would also like to thank the members of my review committee: Jim O'Leary, of Engineering Design, and Floyd Arntz, the advisor from outside the department who found me. Last but not least, I greatly appreciate the continued interest and extraordinary patience of Bill Crochetiere, my primary advisor.

Jim Coate,