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Little Evy editorial cartoon
Electric Vehicle News, November 1972, page 33

Gallons by which daily U.S. oil comsumption would drop if sport utility vehicles' average fuel efficiency increased by 3 miles per gallon: 49,000,000

Gallons per day that the proposed drilling of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is projected to yield: 42,000,000
Harper's Index, April 2001
Est. yearly US cost to safeguard Persian Gulf oil supply: $50 billion

Est. 2001 value of US crude oil imports from Persian Gulf: $19 billion
Harper's Index, April 2002

Driving Under the Affluence editorial cartoon
The Boston Globe, April 2, 2002, page A14

Kiss My Gass sticker
Bumpersticker from the North Bay EAA Chapter, 2002

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