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Fuel sources Compresses Natural Gas
Unleaded gasoline
Engine Stock 2.2L 4-cylinder
Controller ? regulator
Tanks 2 xx liter water volume
Charger xxxx-type connector
Climate control stock heater and A/C
Base Vehicle 1997 Chevy S-10 Extended cab
Drivetrain Stock 5-speed manual
Top Speed ? mph
Range 200 miles on CNG (at 3000 psi)
xxx miles on gasoline
(or xxx miles total)
Tires ???/?? R15 ??H
Brakes Power; disk front, drum rear; 4 wheel ABS
Steering Power
Instrumentation xxxx fuel gage
Seating capacity 3-4 people
Cargo capacity Open bed
??? lbs max
Curb Weight approx ??00 lbs

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Jim's E-Home January 27, 2004