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"The Electric Vehicle and the Burden of History" by David A. Kirsch (Rutgers University Press, 291 pages, 2000)
A comprehensive history of on-road electric vehicles and their uses over the past century.

"Charging Ahead: An Electric Car That Goes the Distance" by Joe Sherman (Oxford University Press, 240 pages, 1998)
The story of James Worden's efforts to produce the commercial Soletria electric car.

"Motor Control Electronics Handbook" by Richard Valentine, Editor (McGraw-Hill Handbooks, 1998)
Details of microcontorllers and IGBT's for those daring enough to build their own controller.

"The New Electric Vehicles: A Clean & Quiet Revolution", by Michael Hackleman (Home Power Publishing, 272 pages, 1996)
Covers EV conversions, along with solar cars, electric boats, planes and more.

"Build Your Own Electric Vehicle", by Bob Brant (TAB Books, 310 pages, 1995) *****
Using a pick-up truck conversion as an example, covers the history of EVs and gives technical details of all the components.

"The Lost Cord", by Barbara Taylor (508 pages, 1995)
The story of Bob Beaumont's vision and struggles to bring EVs to market with the CitiCar and the Renaissance company. Includes information on early EV's.
Ordering Information: The Lost Cord; PO Box 425, Jessup, Maryland 20794; $29.95 plus $2.95 S&H

"Electric Boats: The Handbook of Clean, Quiet Boating" by Douglas Little (International Marine Publishing, 150 pages, 1994)
How to get involved with electric boating for about $500 and 60 hours investment - theory, practice, suppliers, and then some.

Convert It!, by Michael Brown and Shari Prange (Future Books, 128 pages, 1993) *****
Lots of "hands on" details of how to actually build and maintain an electric car.

"Solo: Life With an Electric Car", by Noel Perrin (First Edition: W. W. Norton & Co, 191 pages, 1992, out of print; Second edition: Sierra Club Paperback Library, out of print)
Part travelogue, part non-technical primer on electric cars, this quick read is the tale of a trip from CA to VT with "Solo", a converted Ford Escort wagon.

"The Complete Book of Electric Vehicles", by Sheldon Shacket (Domus Books, 1981)
Of of date, but great historical reference.

"How To Convert To An Electric Car", by Ted Lucas (out of print)
Also out of date, but gives details of older low-voltage, SCR-controller based conversions.

"World Guide to Battery-Powered Road Transportation: Comparative Technical and Performance Specifications", by Jeffrey Christian (Out of print)
Great index of many of the ealier electric cars, including those from the small start-up companies, as well as large EV's.
***** indicates books that are regularly recommended to newbies by members of the EV Discussion List.

Most books listed above are available from, Barnes & Noble, or your friendly EV dealer!

Many shorter pampletes and videos are available from KTA Services covering specific topics of EV conversion.

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